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A new old waffle experience
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Hello, Stampede!

Join us for the Buttermilk Stampede Block Party this year!

We have a beautiful beer gardens in Mission that will be open from July 5th - 7th. That means pre-parade party, post-parade party, and every type of party thereafter! Our hours will be extended, starting at 8:00AM and ending at 11:30PM.

Things kick off Parade-Day morning at 8:00AM with Pre-Parade Breakfast & Beers.

What to expect:

No admission, delicious food, and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere. Beer & cider will be provided by Freehold Brewing and Lekker Cider. A Stampede-ready cocktail list will be available as well. We will be serving up our famous waffles until noon, and then Sammy’s Hot Mess! will be providing the BBQ for the rest of the day.

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Buttermilk Pop-Up!

1919 4 St SW
Calgary, AB T2S 1W4