It's all about the chicken!

Dear friends!
Spring is here, and with it, we are turning over a new leaf at Buttermilk.

It's no secret that Chicken & Waffles is a thing, and it's here to stay. We've been fending off requests since we first opened back in 2015, largely due to the fact that our Food Handling Permit states, “No grease-laden cooking!” Well, I added the exclamation point myself, but you get the idea.

Alas, a solution! We simply needed to look to our neighbours to handle the frying part, leaving us to focus on what we do best: crispy, light buttermilk waffles! We've teamed up with Chef Roy from Anju to supply the chicken (boneless thighs) along with a spicy Korean sauce to add to the splendour. 
Chicken and Waffles will be available Friday evenings from 6 PM until we sell out.

We will be offering buckets of Pabst tall boys to wash down all that crispy-syrupy goodness. 

Book a table on our website, or come early so that you get in on this once-a-week feast!
If you are headed back from dinner on Fridays, and are nearby, don’t hesitate to grab a dessert with us and watch some Planet Earth on the way home. The music will be bumping, and the mimosas flowing!
What else.

We recently began taking reservations through Open Table, so that customers can guarantee themselves a spot on our busy weekends, or let us know ahead of time if they are bringing a certain birthday boy or girl for a lazy midweek brunch. We are most excited about the fact that this service puts us in better touch with our returning customers, so that we can make sure your Buttermilk experience is just how you like it! (Double fruit, no sausage? Mama’s on the side? We got you!)
After a brief foray with Skip the Dishes, we decided to part ways with the service last summer to focus on product quality & customer experience at our restaurant. We know that our fans love to eat our waffles, and sometimes they want to enjoy them in their pyjamas, watching their favourite series at home. That’s why we will be trying out DoorDash in the coming weeks. We believe that we can improve on the take-home experience with this new service, and are looking forward to seeing how our customers like it.

That wraps things up for this instalment. As always, thanks for your continued support and we look forward to catching up over a waffle.

Waffle Sam
May 9, 2018