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Buttermilk Waffle Cakes


So, Waffle Cakes?

So we decided to re-invent the ice cream cake with... (drumroll please) Waffles! These delicious creations can be layered with just about anything, from flavoured ice cream, to cookies, nuts, coconut, or cake batter. The result? Soft, chewy layers of waffles with cold, creamy layers of ice cream, and crunchy bits of this and that. Like a profiterole, only waffle-y!


Vanilla & Berry Cream Cake (Pictured)

Birthday Cake

Earl Grey Custard with Toasted Almonds

Reese's Pieces

Chocolate Caramel Crunch


Medium (8 Servings):  $50

Large (16 Servings): $100 (Pictured Above)

Wedding-Sized: Ask for quote!


Q. How do I serve Buttermilk Waffle Cake?

A. Take out off freezer, let thaw for 30 minutes on counter. Slice into thin sections and lay on a plate.

Q. Is that all?

A. We recommend drizzling some melted chocolate or maple syrup onto the thin slices of waffle cake, and topping with fresh fruit and whipped cream. We can provide all of these things!

Q.How long do I have to order in advance?

A. We need about 5 days to prepare a Buttermilk Waffle Cake.

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